In the city of Bangalore, Anita lived in a small flat. She did a job in a marketing company. She was quite tired of her work. She always had a burden of work. She was now less interested in her work, she wanted to do something else. She was always under stress but, to reduce some stress, she ate sweets. She was over fond of sweets.

Thus, every weekend, she used to order sweets from a nearby sweet shop, but then, she went out of money, and she lost her job because of some matter in the company. She not only lost her money but also came on roads for not giving various loans.

Someday, the sweet shop, from which Anita used to buy sweets, decided to give some cakes, pastries and other sweet products for charity. They were providing these articles in an open ground, which lay between the temple and the shop.

Anita watched many poor and helpless people coming to the ground for getting some food. Anita followed them. She also sat there on the ground, with a gesture of begging for food. When it was Anita’s turn to get food, all of a sudden, one of the members of the shop recognized Anita. Anita was also dusted, her clothes were torn, and her silky hair was now frizzy, and she became as weak as a kitten. Though it was difficult for anyone to recognize her, yet the member recognized her.

That member informs about her, to his boss. The boss asks about her qualification and also about her past which brought her to such a poor condition.

She was hired by the company head. She learned to bake. Since she was already skilled in marketing skills, sooner she went to London. There, she launched her bakery named, “A Sweet for the Sweetest”. Eventually, she ate as many as sweets she wanted in her life.