A trip to shramgarh vol.2

A trip to shramgarh vol.2



Suddenly, Rita closed the book as she got emotional after reading the book. Juhi was also emotional but they all wanted the truth. Juhi opens the wardrobe of the Queen, there she found another diary. She showed it to her friends they found it interesting. At that moment, Joy looked out from the window and realised it was a thunderstorm and it was dark outside.  They all were scared. Rita tired and sat on a dressing chair, the moment she sat a beautiful Queen with a pink dress and a lot of jewellery appeared.

At once, they all screamed and shouted but as nobody was outside; nobody listed and came to help.

The soul of Queen was not haunted. The soul was kind instead.  Arjun asked him that who are you, why is this blood there?

The Queen answered them politely, “Hey kids, well I don’t know you, but I want to introduce myself, I am Rani Taswandri. This blood is mine. I suicide here, that is why my soul is always here.”

The group of friends were amazed. Juhi asked, “It means you are the wife of Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira?”

The Queen said, “Yes, I am. I was glad to be the wife of Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira. But after that, I become a widow and I also died. Not because I become a widow, because of some other big reason.

Saying this, Queen gave them, a diary to read, and then she left.



Now, the palace was Asana’s, his brother and her mother. They lived happily. They fired the servants and chefs. They made Rani Taswandri and Lonasa as their servants and chefs. They don’t even give them a salary. Rani Taswandri was being locked in her room and allow her to come out only when they needed. The same with Lonasa. They were tired of it.

One day, police come to their palace for survey. They noticed that if they have a large palace and there is no any servants. The police came to know about them that they killed the king. At once, they arrested the three of them.

In the palace, now there are only two people, Rani Taswandri and king’s mother Lonasa. Lonasa  had become old and weak. She was now counting her last days.  Only want to see her grandchild. But she couldn’t. Within thirty days, she left. Now in the palace, Rani Taswandri was alone, nothing to have, nobody to talk. All day long, she talked to herself and she had no money. So she sold the whole palace to a rich man named- Aasharam Dasu Singh and kept her all jewellery, a diary, some clothes in a small box in her room. And become samnyasi. She was too young to become samnyansi, but she had nothing to do, finally she had to become a samnyasi.



After some days, in the Afternoon, when Taswandri was meditating, a child named – Nenekari Kumar came with great news to Taswandri. The boy told Taswandri that the fourth person who killed the king is found, come to the Police station.

Taswandri was very excited to know the fourth killer. When she reached the police station she saw Ronak was there ( Tara’s husband). She couldn’t believe that.

When Ronak was going the jail, Taswandri asked him, “ why did you kill my husband?”

Ronak answered’ I killed my six sisters who were wives of him.” Saying this, he went inside.

Taswandri was shocked. Six wives? OI don’t know about them, and why did the killed them?

She want to know the truth anyway. She planned to go to Tara and asked her about her husband’six wives.



She went to Kantri kingdom on barefoot. Upon resting, she reached Kantri in 3 days. When the Kantri palace appeared she quickly ran there.

The security guards were stopping her from going inside,  but when Tara knew that her sister-in-law has come to meet her, she commanded the guards to let our come inside, Taswandri ran to Tara and hug her tightly. She cried and said,” I missed you so much after your mother and brother passed away, I was alone, but I have come here with good news, and that good news is that the fourth killer is Ronak.”

Tara once couldn’t believe but she told Taswandri that she was knowing about it, Ronak once told Tara to that he will kill Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira, but she thought that he is kidding her, but she didn’t know that she will really kill him.

Then Taswandri asked Tara about King’s other six wives, Tara told Taswandri that King killed them all, when she was saying, at that same moment,  there were sounds of fire behind the palace, screaming of people, then Tara told Taswandri to escape in her room. She looked Taswandri in her room, safely and to save her Kingdom.

Soon, a war from Yudaargaada Garh Kingdom started, all night long there were sounds of bombs and screaming of people, made Taswandri scared, then she sleep but still frightened.



The next morning, when Taswandri woke she went outside and saw Tara doing her responsibility just like the king. She was commanding people, serving the wounded people. Seeing this, Taswandri got emotional.

The opponent got more aggressive second by second and launching big balls greater than the previous one. Suddenly, someone from behind of Tara shoot her. Taswandri was watching, she immatediately ook Tara inside, and called out servants for help. There was a personal doctor for Tara, the doctor treated her well, seeing this, Taswandri missed her memories and facilities in the Palace.

The war was still going on, soon, war ended and Kantri Kingdom won that war.

Tara was happy, knowing this, but she was wounded, Taswandri served her a lot in one week, after a week passed, when Taswandri asked Tara about King’s six wives, and told to tell fast and she had to go, Tara smiled and took out a diary from her wardrobe, gave that diary to Taswandri, and then said,”read it from tomorrow, you came to know.” Saying this, she slept deeply.