A Trip to Shramgarh

A Trip to Shramgarh


In the city of Surat, there lived a large number of people. In that population, there was a group of students in a college. They were medical students. They were in 3rd year. They were best friends. In group, there were two girls named- Juhi and Rita. And three boys named – Arjun, Joy and Ritik. The girls lived in separate hostel, and boys lived in separate hostel. They meet college. They have a perfect friendship. They were fond of travelling. In every year, they visit a mysterious place. Now its Shramgarh palace turn.



The next morning, they decided to get ready to go to a mysterious place the next day. They all got busy in their mobile phones to search a mysterious place. Suddenly, Rita got a photo of haunted place covered with leaves, twigs and big trees. It was looking like a kingdom. They find interest in it. Soon, they packed their bags and make a gate- pass and make ensure the guard that they ‘may’ all five will return. Saying this, the guard was laughing at their silly talks. The next day, the girls fought a little bit about what to dress. Juhi said to Rita that she should wear shorts, she looks great in them. But Rita was an intelligent girl, she knew that if she’ll wear shorts instead of long jeans, she may hurt when she gets entangled in thorns. She tried to explain Juhi. But Juhi didn’t listen to her. Finally, Juhi wore shorts. Rita told her problem with Juhi to the boys. The boys too explained. But Juhi didn’t even listen. Soon, Rita and Juhi got happy again and then ready to reach their destination.



They travelled by bus to Mathura and then took a jeep to travel the rest. They were too excited. Arjun was driving. While travelling, to avoid bore, they play a game of ‘Antrakshi”. Soon, they reached the destination. There was a huge crowd of people travelling. There were some guardians too. They took a guardian named-  Lodak. He was very friendly and intelligent. He loves to eat Modak. He showed them so many sacred places and then finally showed them the room of the queen named- Rani Taswandri. He also showed them the room of the king named- Maharaja-Adiraja  Shoshankira. He always in anger. But too kind to his seven wives. The guardian saying this moved on. But the group of friends found it interesting. They asked the guardian too many questions, that guardian got irritated and left.

The group of friends saw a notice where it was written- DON’T EVER OPEN THE DOOR’. But Ritik was too over smart. He broke the rule and open the door. His friends were stopping him, but he didn’t listen to them. However, he went inside. The friends don’t want to let their go inside alone. So they too went inside behind him.

The room was looking too old. There was dust everywhere. There were webs of spider and rats were running here and there. The room was too big. It had a beautiful big bed with curtains on the sides. It also had a dressing table and chair. Rita rubbed the mirror. It was too dusty. They looked around the whole room.

After that Juhi found blood on the ground near a big box. Everybody found it interesting. When Juhi touched the blood, suddenly the door closed. They all were frightened and decided to leave the place. When they tried to open the door, they couldn’t open it. Everybody settled down with their hand on their head; regretting.

Rita thought that there must be something in that box to get out of this room. Everybody was thinking there could be treasure so they tried to open it one by one but nobody could the box. So they tried altogether, with their great strength, they can open the box.

In that box, they found some dresses of the queen, a photo of the king with his seven wives and a diary. They found it more interesting minute by minute. They read the diary to know the history of the things that are kept in the box.



Let’s go back 1200 years,

A very peaceful kingdom named- Shaantsthaan. There lived a king named – Nagu Pada Singh. He had two beautiful wives who were so different from each other and so disliked each other. The elder queen’s name was Rani Lonasa and the other’s name was Rani Tonasa. But the king love them both equally. Each had two children. Lonasa gave birth to a girl named- Tara and boy named- Shoshankira. Tonasa gave birth to twins named – Kanana and Asana. They grew up together and live together happily.

After 25 years,

The king and the queens become old and children become young. Now king decided to make Shoshankira the next king of the kingdom. The king gave his crown to his son,   Shoshankira.

Now, king decided to make his children marry. Soon, there were preparations for the great wedding in the kingdom. In the wedding, there thousands of guests came, hundreds of sweets and a huge group of workers. Raja Shoshankira Married to Rani Taswandri, Tara married Raja Ronak who ruled the Kantri Kingdom. Kanana married Rani Saranti and Asana married to Rani Akirashtri. They lived happily. They had enough money that they can live their life happily and wealthy.



The rajas of Mahuna pura decided to fight a war with Shaanthaan kingdom. Raja Nagu Pada Singh and Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira were ready to conquer Mahuna Pura with their army. The army captain named-  Roshakolaa was a brave man. He stood in front and let the others including Rajas behind.

After some, the army of Mahuna Pura was too ready. There were dust everywhere. The sun hid behind clouds, everyone was ready to kill the opponent. Nobody was ready to give up. Soon, there were drums started to be beated.

After that, the army of Mahuna Pura started shooting their arrows to their opponent. Also, the army of Shaanthaan said “Aakraman” meaning  ‘attack’ and started running towards their region.

Every fighter was busy with some fighting. The army of Shaanthaan shoot some large balls on them and damage their palace.

Then, the army of Mahuna Pura have to face defeat. And now Mahuna Pura was the part of Shaantsthaan. But there was a bad news, that Raja Nagu Pada Singh was no more. He died in the war. He was died by his own enemy named- Muhammad-Ibn-Musa-Al-Khwaizmi.

Now, the next day, and Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira,made up a beautiful palace for his wife, mother and his siblings. He decided to make Shaantsthaan kingdom, an empire. He named the new palace- Shramgarh. It was white and shining in the sunlight. Inside it, there was a big pool and a beautiful garden, big bedrooms with windows and each had a balcony.  They also had a dog and thousands of servants just like Shaantsthan. They lived peacefully.



Living happily was not so long, Asana was jealous of Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira. Having thought of ‘how would his younger brother is making happy others.’ He wants to be an enemy of him. But Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira was a kind man. He was not letting his brother be his enemy. He even served him a lot. But Asana doesn’t care about it.

Asana tried to make Kanana in his side. As Kasana was greedy. Asana gave him the greed for some money. Kasana agreed. But he liked his brother Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira but as Asana greed him and agreed he had to betray. Asana also added their mother, Tonasa. As Tonmasa also jealous of Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira.

At night, when Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira was sleeping in his room. Kanana, Asana and their mother, Tonasa entered in the room. Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira was alert. He was knowing that someone has entered in his room, as he opened his eyes, Tonasa took a pillow and put on Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira’s face for 30 seconds. He passed away and his three enemies slighty left the room.

Next day, when Rani Taswandri entered the King’s room with a cup of tea, she saw Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira sleeping, but actually, he was dead. Queen tried to wake him up but he didn’t woke up. Then he checked the king wheather he is alive or not. She pinched him on his hand, he didn’t react. She understood that he is no more. She called everyone, shouting. He told everyrbody that he died. Everyone in the kingdom, in his family was shocked. After some days, everyone came to know that there were not only three people, there were four people.  But no one knows who was the fourth one.

Now, Asana was the king, he was happy, besides him, no one was happy.


Question-     who was the fourth enemy of  Maharaja Adhiraja Shoshankira?