Hello everyone. My today’s post is slightly different from my other posts. The topic is “Lockdown”.

In the month of March 2020, the government announced totally new term for all of us – LOCKDOWN.(for 3 weeks).

So, we all had to isolate ourselves. we did unexpected things since it was an unexpected year! so, let me tell you what I personally did.

I discovered myself, indeed. I could spend time with my family and my hobbies. I tried to learn a new language – French. (now, I will learn a different language fully). I learnt to make tea. in fact, I lit up my old hobbies. Like, when I was too young, around 8-9 years, I used to write poems and stories. and guess what? I re-started that in lockdown. I wrote one and a half-page poem on lockdown. I also wrote many stories, which I am still doing today. Earlier, I hated reading books. but, everyone suggested me to read books. so, one day, I held a book in my hand, read it, took inspiration and now I’m creating my own stories. besides, I found my ikigai – “Reason to live” (will write about it some other day…or maybe in future you may know me by my work!!)

well, I am not the one who utilized the lockdown over productive work. I also had fun. I remember I watch 7-8 movies in those days.I played video games with my sister. and online multiplayer games with my friends.

so, it was really a fun time. In the end, I just wanna say that lockdown was a good break in our rushy lives. we need a lockdown of at least 1 week (not only in the pandemics), every year, so that we may get some rest as well as it would be good for the environment as well.

And , finally, I still cannot believe that it has already been two years since the lockdown occurred!!