The Alien Land

The Alien Land
   Genre- fantasy & Science-fictional



In the city of Likhann, a large population of people lived. It was big enough in Maharashtra in India. A group of planetary astronomers worked there. They were famous all over the world in the 18th century. About 2000 people worked there. Everyone worked with honesty and whole heartily.

There were researching for a new galaxy. In that galaxy they discovered a celestial body; it was very similar to our sun.  Then, they found a planet which exactly has the same distance as earth and sun have. Scientists stated that perhaps there are possibilities to have aliens.

After a couple of years,

A group of scientists made a rocket for astronauts to go to the far planet and discover the aliens. The astronauts were ready. They were from India, Australia, and Japan. Their names were Ria, John, and Aiko respectively.

There were preparations for the rocket to launch. The public was excited about hearing the news. The astronauts were having strict training. The media followed the scientists everywhere and every time. It was for the first time in the history of HSRO(Hindustani Space Research Organisation), that astronauts are taking journeys to another galaxy. It was a proud moment for India. Tonald Drump said, “this will be written in history that India has discovered aliens.”

Next day,

A lot of people came to HRSO to see a rocket launching. A large group of media came there too. The leader of scientists said loudly to the mike,” rocket will be launching in 3……2……1……go!!!” as he said ‘go’. The rocket launched with Astronauts inside. But it left a lot of air and noise pollution.



After 2 months,

Now the rocket ship is out of earth’s gravity and is safe from earth’s gravity. The rocket was so strong that it not harmed while it was passing out from earth’s gravity. The speed of the rocket was about 150000000/min. The astronauts inside are enjoying the views of the earth from outside. They can see our planet- earth, venus, mercury, the sun and mars, and one side of Jupiter too. (let’s have look from inside).

The astronauts were floating, everything was floating from water to food, from bed to toilet this is because there is no gravity in space. after one year, they finally reached out of the galaxy. When they saw it, it was unbelievable that they are out from their galaxy. Then they saw so many beautiful galaxies such as – Blackeye, Pinwheel, Tadpole, Messier 102, Malin 1, Canis. And the most beautiful in which they have discovered a planet was Cartwheel. (note:- the names of galaxies are real, can be searched in Google to know more)

After 1 more year,

Finally, they are in the galaxy, but something went wrong. When the rocket was entering the galaxy there’s a crack in the rocket tile. They were willing to take the risk so they speed up the rocket and quickly reached the destination.



When they reached the destination, they have a look around them, everywhere was yellow, from water to food, mountains to sky, people’s skin was too yellow, they were so puzzled that why everything is yellow here?

When they were touching flowers they immediately turned into black. They were speechless and now they wanted to know more about this planet. When they were roaming they met so many yellowish people in their surroundings, talking in their own languages. As they were passing by other people, they look at them and they knew that they are not of their region.


When the astronauts were watching the sky, suddenly John’s leg got stuck in thorns and of course, the thorn was also yellow as it was a yellow world. John’s leg started bleeding, so they quickly went to the nearby hospital. (hospital in Yosho- Yosho planet is called- Koshteki)

In the hospital, the receptionist was also yellow, they show John’s leg to the receptionist, the receptionist asked them “koya motaya name jogyari?”(which means ‘what’s your name?’). Astronauts didn’t understand but they understood only one word that is the name, so he quickly told his name and told him to follow the receptionist. So, they reached the doctor, the doctor’s name was Kroshona. He was a kind man. Besides, he was intelligent too. He came to know that the patient is from another planet. He guessed by their colour. Som he talked them through sign language. Slowly -slowly they were becoming friends. So the doctor asked “Oposa planet fafa –fafa?”(which means ‘to which planet do you belong). Astronauts were puzzled but they only understand ‘planet’ so they answer,” earth”. In this way, Kroshona and astronauts talked till evening; the sun was almost ready to set. Astronauts felt hungry. Kroshona takes them home and gives them ‘yosho’(yellow) food to eat. It was Usada yosho rice(pulao) with Puku-puku (paneer) and yosho Chapta-chapta(yellow chapatti) it was looking so tasty the moment astronauts ate it, astronauts were dancing because the food has so much spicy. (and now a shocking thing you’re going to read) when Kroshona tasted food he said to the maid,” Ushoto mushola koro koro poi fire”(hey maid, why is this food not so spicy, make it spicier from tomorrow, otherwise I’ll fire you). Then the voice of maid heard sadly, “mojoma house loto spice, kioro condition memo” (In my house we don’t have spice to add in our food, today I have added spice this much to make you realize the condition of mine.) Then Kroshona asked,”sodo guests, more food? (he asked by actions). Astronauts quickly refused and thought to concentrate on the limited food we have!!! (sorry 3 idiots, we copied you!!!)



The doctor’s neighbour came to know that in Kroshona’s house someone else from another planet (aliens) is there. So he went to Vogipera (media). The vogipera spread this news to everyone. The president’s name was Onganaga. By very next the morning, the president came to know about this all. So he pasted the advertisement all over the world and offer people that if they find different colored people then they have to inform and will be awarded 100 eropo (which is equal to 10 million rupees)

The people become very excited after knowing about this. Whereas, Kroshona and the three astronauts were frightened. So the maid informed the media about them. The news reached the president. He took action very quickly, he covered the doctor’s house with police. Soon, astronauts and the doctor were in the jail.

The next day, the president calls out the three astronauts, the president was ready in his office with paper and a pen. He drew something on paper. He drew a ball-like shape and give it to the astronaut, Ria thought that “maybe he wants to know our planet. “ so Ria said “earth”.

The president became very angry as he thought that people from the earth are not so good. So he decided to send them again to their planet.

When the astronauts were returning to their planet they decided to tell everyone that aliens are not good and we should fight.



After 2 years,

The people of India prepared a space army to fight with aliens. They were also ready with 1600 rocket ship each contained 5 people. Soon, there was a space war started. Earth’s rockets and army were strong but other the planet’s rockets and army were not strong. Therefore, the earth was about to win. But as there was a lot of pollution anyone could not able to see anything.

Soon, the war ended.  The people of the earth destroyed the planet and everyone on that planet died. The people of earth proudly land on the earth and they were enjoying, only a few people were wounded but luckily all came alive. The media took interviews with the astronauts, the astronauts told them their story and said, “it is not necessary that everyone in this universe is wrong. Some people were good too.”

  • The author is hoping that you liked it and enjoyed it.
  • It was a fantasy story for children, adults can also read if they wish.
  • It has some informational things to read and know.
  • The language is fake, there is no language in the world like this story has.
  • The research of aliens is going on, we hope that if we are successfully able to find aliens and meet them too, then they would not like the president.