The Cruel king

The Cruel king

In a small town in greece, there was a huge kingdom, where nobody wanted to go to the king for any purpose. The king was cruel, and rude to everyone. He wanted everyone in the court and in the town to follow his rules, and worship him. He used to beat people who did not follow his rules of disobey him. So, no other king wanted his daughter to marry the cruel king. Hence, the King had no heirs.


After a few decades, the king grew older and crueller. The king had lost all his respect.


One day, he went ill, he wanted his slaves to serve him the best in his last days of his life. But no slave was ready to serve a cruel king. Even then the king did not realise why the slaves were not ready.

Then his, courtier enters in the room. He says, “my lord, even I did not respect you when you were young. You were very cruel and disrespectful, actually till today, when you are lying on bed, you are still commanding people. Now let me tell you why people are not serving you. Because you didn’t treat them as you want to be treated.”


Then, the king realises, with tears in his eyes. He says, “I am so sorry. I am going to die soon. I am permitting you and your son to be the next king after me. Thank you for opening my eyes.” Saying this, the king closes his eyes, indicating that he was dead.


At the end, he apologized every one for what he did in his earlier years.


Moral:- Treat others as you want to be treated.