The Glutton

The Glutton

Once there was a beautiful and peaceful village, name Aamraspur. It is named Aamraspur because many species of mango were found over here. Tourists visit here just to taste the delicious mangoes. In this village, there were many traders and fruit sellers who sell their mango to different regions. One of the traders was very honest. Besides him, others were a little bit honest but there were so clever too. The honest trader lives in a hut with his small family, consisting of his wife (a farmer) and two children (Pinky and Rinky). They lived happily. They had a very big farm full of fruits, vegetables, and crops.



One day, Pinky and Rinky were playing on the farm. They were playing the game of hide and seek. They played for a long time. Now it was Pinky’s chance to hide. She hide behind a huge banyan tree. There she found a beautiful yellow-colored butterfly, Pinky started following it. The butterfly went from farm to farm, river to river and mountains and still Pinky was following it. She never minds where she is going, she was just watching a butterfly and running. She wanted the butterfly to be her pet.

Whereas, Rinky looked for her sister everywhere. After two hours Rinky and her mother searched in their neighborhood. But they didn’t find her.

After two hours, Pinky reached in mountains when she gets fatigue, she realized where she is. She looked everywhere, she looked down, and she was 15 feet high. She can see her village. She moved forward-thinking she should visit the mountain alone. She saw a huge big cave. She was very frightened to go inside. But she was brave enough; she went inside, expecting that she will get some treasure. The cave was 5 kilometers long. After 10 minutes, she reached to the middle of the cave, where a group of Rishi’s were sitting discussing important matters. Pinky hid behind a big stone and listen to their talks.



The Rishis were sitting around a fire, making themselves hot. They wore an orange cloth on their whole body. They have made a bun on top of their head with hair.

They were talking about the future. They talked in pure Hindi that Pinky wasn’t able to understand. She wanted to know what they are saying. Soon, all Rishis stand up take rounds near the fire. Pinky was puzzled and scared.

One of the Rishis saw Pinky hiding behind the stone. He stopped, then one after another stopped, and keep on watching Pinky.

Then Pinky smiled. Then she walked a little bit towards them. And asked about what they were doing.

One Rishi come forward and told her that we are doing something for our future which help us to keep ourselves healthy and happy.

Pinky was impressed by them. She also introduced herself. She told them that she has forgotten her way to her village. After then, suddenly Pinky’s stomach took out sounds of hunger. She was ashamed. But the Rishi’s were very kind. They gave her some fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, and mangoes. She was very happy with them. After that, she decided to return to her home again to her family. But unfortunately, it rained heavily. Poor girl had to stay some more in the cave with Rishis.



Ritmush, the leader of Rishis arrived in cave to check Rishis. He had a long, white beard. Everybody in Pinky’s village scared of him. But Pinky was a very brave girl. She never gives up. She asked Ritmush,” hey, who are you? Why you have come here? Have you come here to scare me? But see I’ll not scare of you. I am too brave.” All the Rishis looked at Pinky with surprise and Ritmush was in anger. He gave her curse that she will always be hungry even when she eat something. At the same moment, she become hungry. Pinky asked the Rishis for food. But unfortunately, Ritmush signed them not to ive her food.

To respect Ritmush, the Rishis quietly follow the commands of him. After some time, the rain continued and Pinky get tired very fast because of hunger. She decided to return to her home again. But at that moment, when she looked out of the cave, the weather was ready to rained very heavy that may cause flood. The rishis were full of pitiness and kindness so they asked the girl to stay with them until the rain stopped. Pinky agreed and stayed happily but hungry. Pinky was a naughty girl too. She went to the corner of cave where a lot of fruits were lying on top of one another. The saliva started coming out from Pinky’s mouth. She started eating the fruits until somebody else come and watch her. She end up all in just 30 minutes. The end up the entire food for each rishis. But still, she was hungry. Then’ she settled down in a corner of cave. And started crying. She was now missing her family. She was also hungry.

Hearing this, one the Rishi whose name was Antrish woke up and watch everywhere. He looked at place of PInky where she was sleeping. She wasn’t there!! Antrish was in astonishment. He then started searching Pinky. He searched for her everywhere.

Finally, he met her in corner of the cave; crying and her head was down in knees. Antrish asked her  “why are crying, Pinky?” hearing this; Pinky looked up and answered” i am missing my family!! I want to go home. Help me. I am scared.” Antrish smiled and hold Pinky’s hand went to the area where all were sleeping. And make her sleep on her separate place. And said “hey girl, if you sleep you will not feel starved and think thast tomorrow your parents will surely come. “ saying this Antrish went to sleep. Pinky also slept; trying not to feel hungry.



On other hand, in Aamraspur village, Pinky’s family is worried about her even in the heavy rain. They founded everywhere. Her sister, mother and father are searching for her. But they couldn’t find her. Soon they reported to the police. The police too tried finding her so the [police informed the report to other villages. There also they didn’t find a girl.

On next morning, the police reported to the police of parvatpur village. It was famous for its huge mountains, just like Aamraspur is famous for its mango. Now, the police of Aamraspur and Parvatpur village and Pinky’s family altogether are trying to find Pinky. They reached to the mountain and find everywhere. Suddenly Rinky find a cave. They all went inside. They walked slowly with carefulness. After that they reached to Pinky. She was sleeping. Pinky’s mother wake her up and hold her hand and came outside the cave. Pinky was very happy to see her family but also so sad to leave the kind Rishis. Pinky, her family and the police went home.

Pinky told her family about the curse that Ritmush gave him. She was very hungry. Her mother gave her some porridge. But it was not enough for her. She was carving. She wanted some more and more. The family got tired from her. Pinky’s father told her to leave the house. So she left the house with all her requirements and memories. She promised them that she will only return after 20 years with some amount of money. Saying this, she left her home.



12 years ago,

Now Pinky is 20 years old. She lives in Gagan nagar village in a beautiful house. She was now a farer. She has a very large farm. She is still glutton. She ate 12 kilograms of fruits daily. But the amazing fact is that she has not become fat. Because how much she ate, her hunger increases.

One day in the early morning, when she was plowing her field to sow wheat seeds, she heard a van coming towards her farm advertising about ‘The Great Super Glutton Competition’. This competition held in every 5 years only on 15 August as to celebrate ‘independence day’. She has participated this competition earlier in 12 years, but she didn’t win. Just because others ate up all the food in less time than her. So she decided to participate once again, try to win it again.

On the very next day, Pinky woke up, brush her teeth, and check the calendar, it was 15 August. She quickly get ready to win the competition.

Then she went to the main ground where the competition is going to be done. There was a huge crowd of people. Pinky visit the whole mela and then give her name to the member of the competition. Soon, the competition started. There was 10 kilograms of laddu, 5 kilograms of red chilies, 20 chewing gums on different platforms that participants had to cross it by jumping over a rod and a huge big plate which is called ‘The Bahubali Thali’. It is very famous all over India. They were also provided some water so that they can easily swell the food.

Pinky was ready. The staff of competition give a sign with the help of red flag that indicates ‘start’. At the same moment, all participants started eating the food. Minute by minute Pinky was eating the food. After 1 hour, the race was ended and result has to be now declared. Soon, they declared the result, the result was that third was Honku singh, the second was Rajvir Kumar and first was Pinky.

Pinky was very happy that day as she was awarded 10 biscuits of gold, some jewelry, and 2 lakhs of cash.



Now, Pinky had decided to return her home. She was so excited about returning home. She immediately packed her bag and start walking to the way home. After 2 days, upon resting, she reached her village, everything was different, big trees, schools, buildings, fruit sellers on the roadside, bridges, and vehicles. It was now a town, not a village. She was so puzzled about seeing everything so she could not find her colony where she lived. She asked neighbors and soon reached home.

She rang the doorbell loudly, neighbors and her family members came outside to see. All were had become old. Pinky’s parents to become old. Her sister Rinky become younger than before. Everything was new for her. She showed her family the awards. Her father too happy.

With the total amount of the award Pinky got, she builds up a new big house and also buys a big car and now they are wealthy and lived happily.





By – Charvi Patel