GENRE-  Fantasy

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom, Glamy, which often had wars with the neighbourhood kingdom, Poinee. Near the Glamy kingdom, there was a magical river, people of Poinee did not know about the river.

The river could change the strength of a person, if a person is strong, it makes him weak and vice versa.

One fine day, both the kingdoms decided to fight again. people from both sides were ready to fight.

soon, their war has begun, but there was a problem, The army of Glamy kingdom figured out that they are getting weaker and they are about to lose.

Shima, the great emperor remembers the magic of the river, he informed everyone to reach the river as soon as possible. but they were in a puzzle again, they all were strong enough, so they needed a weak person to go into the river, and come ou with great strength and let the army of Poinee to come into the river.

so, Alur, the weakest among them, decided to go into the river.

After he got out of the river, he had a muscular body, stronger weapons, and a fierce mind. he however managed to get the army of Poinee into the river.

Poinee became weak after coming out of river, and Glamys were stronger.

Eventually Glamys won the war.

This story gives us a moral that a weak person is also worth to participate, where we need a stronger to win.