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You must have seen poor children in traffics begging. Some people refuse to pay attention to them, and very often some give them some penny. They have to work very hard. They have no food to eat. No home to live like us, eventually, they are too poor.

  • Author’s purpose

The author is trying to make people understand the respect of poor people. Provide them something so that the population of poor people in our country can be decreased. Also, many diseases can also be stopped if the population of poor ones decreases. At least provide them blanket in winter so that they do not get cold. Give them some money too. Make your friends and relatives about the lives of poor people.

As we all know that poor people sleep on the side path of the road, and thousands of people pass by them, spreading air containing smoke and dust which causes hazardous diseases to poor people.


  • Message to poor people

The author wants to provide poor people with so many consequential facilities. But the author is too young for this,, she will surely provide these things to poor people.

She doesn’t know the difficulties of them, because she has never ever experienced what poverty really is. She has been leading a simple life.





Some people are unlucky from birth.  Jasvender and his family was one of them. He had a small tent house in Lucknow. His family had three girls and Jasvender himself. His father was an auto-rickshaw puller. He worked all day just to fulfil his family’s needs. He only got 10-12 rupees per ride. His mother sells mud-pots only for Rs. 10.

After a few years,

When Jasvender was a 10 year old boy and a responsible boy, he was told to sell pots with her mother. As he obeyed his parents, he have to do that, but his dream was to become a good person so that he can completely clear’ The Concept Of Poverty’ in India.

There was a government school behind their basti, his father decided to let his child’s admission in this school.

Next day, Jasvender and his father went o school. When they arrived there, they found numerous of children in a single line waiting for their admission. After complete two hours, there chance came, they went inside the Principle’s room, the principle was strict, but a good man too.

The Principle gave him admission. Jasvender and his father came to their home with good news, but there was already a bad news. Jasvender’s mother was lying on floor and the house was stolen, Jasvender’s sisters were also not there. They found they have been robbed.




Immediately, they take the help of their neighbour and carry Jasvender’s mother to hospital. They went to a nearby hospital named – Jeevan bachaav hospital. It was a government hospital and not so costly .so when they arrived inside, the receptionist called doctor, the doctor went to operation theatre with his mother. While Jasvender’s father was paying the bill.

Jasvender and his father went inside, Jasvender was counting her last minutes, she said” two people came with a black dress and kidnapped our two daughter when I was in kitchen, when i screamed, they made me unconscious, and then I don’t know anything, Jasvender when you will be a respected man, then please try to find you sister, because right now we could not do anything.” Saying this, she died. When His mother “s eyes closed, Jasvender realised that something has happened to his mother, he called out doctor, he told them to go outside for a moment, and then , doctor came out and he said,” sir, we tried a lot, but we could not save her, we’re sorry.”

Jasvender and his father were mourning the death. Thinking – Now, what will happen to us!!!




Jasvender and his father, return home, bring a bad new for themselves and their helpful neighbour. Everyone was crying and mourning the death.

On twelfth day of Jasvender’s mother’s death, all the relatives and neighbours were invited to a function in order to follow the culture of India.

Next day, they started their work again. Father went for work as usual. And Jasvender went to school.

Jasvender’s father was full of sweat on his body in the month of June , but still he was pulling the Auto- rickshaw, carrying 3-4 people at a time from miles to miles. But unfortunately, he only get 10-12 Rs. Only, which was not enough to fulfil his needs.

One day, he saw his Ex-best friend. He was now not his best friend. They fought last month just for a small issue. He tried to start some conversation and Patch-up. But his conscience was stopping him as they fought so rudely. So, he decided not to go, and better return home.


It was really a mild day that make Jasvender’s father fainted on the road. The crowd came towards him, a person called the ambulance. The nurse carry him into ambulance and then to the Changalaga hospital. This hospital was quite costly but had fine facilities. The best quality of that hospital is that patients get well soon as compared to the other. The secret of it is the patients in hospital are given entertainment, because the hospital meant that laughing is the best medicine.


Soon, the doctor asked the Jasvender’s father jokingly,” hey, my dear audience, actually you’re not my patient, you are my audience because now you’re going to see my entertaining talent, sorry, I was kidding, ok, so, your name is Rakesh, right?

Rakesh was surprised that how did he know my name? So he asked, the doctor said, ”your name is on your shirt dear, hahaha.”

All started laughing….hahahahahahaha…….




When, everything was going fine, and Rakesh was well too, a shot of a gun came from opened window that shooted Rakesh, doctor, immediately carry him to operation theatre. While, the receptionist called Jasvender. When Jasvender was told to pay the bill, he said, “I am very poor, I don’t have anything to give you”. So a doctor was passing by, she heard that and said to Jasvender,” hey, kid don’t worry, we’ll do the operation free of cost and moreover we will give you some money as a gift.

Whereas, Rakesh is suffering from a critical situation, and suddenly he had a heart attack. He was still like a statue.

The doctor came out with bad news and said, “dear, let your father rest in heaven, I’m very sorry, I know I always keep joking, but this time, I’m not”. Saying this he left.

Jasvender was shocked. He thought that he is now an orphan, he prayed got to bring him up too to his parents, but then he remembered his mother’s last words, ‘ Jasvender when you will be a respected man, then please try to find you sister, because right now we could not do anything’.

Jasvender’s strength was now his mother. He studied a lot. But after 2 days, he realized he had to work to earn some peny.




Jasvender went outside to find work, he went many hotels, shops, schools, parlour and so many places, but could not find a place to work, then sat down under a banyan tree. Crying, then a man came out his house, to saw the boy, he asked the problem, Jasvender told him everything about his bad times going on. He decided to hire the boy clean his house and Jasvender can live there and he will pay the fees of everything- his clothes, school fees and everything.

Jasvender introduced himself. Then, the man also introduced himself, his named was Satyaram Pathak, he was Gujarati. He told Jasvender to call him’mota papa’, as he was Fat but Mota actually means ‘elder’ in Gujarati.

Jasvender worked there a lot with full of honesty. He had a separate room. One day, Jasvender asked Mota Papa that why he is told to say him papa, so Mota papa smiled and replied,”i have no son, and after my wife Meena has passed away last year, I felt so Lonely.  Then, I met you, I don’t know, I find something in you that I wanted in my child. And as you don’t have father, so I have responsibility to make you a good child, my dear,” hearing this, jasvender’s eyes were full of tears. He promised mota papa to become a good personas you want and will make you feel proud




After 14 years,

Now, Mota papa is old. And Jasvender is of  24 years old. He is graduated from Manipur University, Jaipur. He is a lawyer.

He is a genius. Now, he is going for interview. He was very tensed and nervous. But luckily, he passed and become the lawyer of High court.

Jasvender shared his childhood situations, so the judge got impressed, and want Jasvender to fight a case for his Parents’ murder and his sisters’ kidnapping. It was first time in history ofr high court that a lawyer is fight for his family. A huge crowd of people came to see the case.

In two days, the case started. Jasvender tackled the judge to make him win the case anyhow as he was right too. The judge asked jasvender,”do you know, why murderer can kill your parents?” jasvender said,”no, but once my father told about him (showing the picture of murderer). He is the killer. My lord in order to have trust with my father, I can say that he murdered.”

The Judge called out the doctor who was operating Rakesh. The doctor said,” I saw a man wearing a black Jacket.”

Jasvender’s mother too said that a man witha black jacket came. The police survey the house of Rakesh’s Ex- Best friend. They found a black jacket and he was caught. Jasvender asked him,” why did you kill my parents and kidnap my sisters?”  the killer said, “good, if you’re rich, because poverty for entire life is very difficult. Me and your dad won a lottery of 1000. So we had a little fight for 1000, and we lost it as Rakesh’s elder brother, Arjun came and they both took it home. I was very angry. So, I decided to kill Arjun but soon a news came that he is no more, so I want to take revenge to his family. I know that 1000 is now nothing for you, but at that time, it was equal to 100000. I am sorry.” Saying this, he quietly went inside the Tihar jail. Jasvender was now very satisfied.




Now, jasvender’s life has completely changed. He is now so much money. He married to Prisha. And build up a big house in delhi. He live with his wife and Mota papa in delhi, happily and wealthy. Prisha is a doctor. They had everything to enjoy their whole life. Eventually, Jasvender has lived both the lives, and he understood that being rich or poor, nothing is easy. He want to clear the concept of poverty. So, every Saturday and Sunday they go to the poor people who sleep on footpaths, live in slums or some who wander from one place to another. They give them Rs. 100 to each and every family and some food.

After some years, they build up a place for poor people where they can live, learn new things and become a respectful person.  Jasvende and Prisha are now respectful people for poor people.


  • This is what we call, ‘ Poverty”. India and Africa is famous for the most population of Poverty. Every year about 16000 poor people die because of hunger, disease and some of them even committed suicide because they have nothing.
  • There should be a place for these poor people where they feel themselves important. These people are really unlucky. If you’re better than these poor people, you should thank to god.
  • Being rich or poor, both lives are difficult. Being poor irritates us because we’ve nothing, but neing rich we’ve everything but we have no time to use them, so if you are a medium class people, then that’s perfect.