The Two Kings

The Two Kings

Once there was a village, which was divided into two parts. It was divided by two brothers of Purushyam. The older son’s name was Raja Jishosh and the other son’s name was Raja Kirori. They don’t like each other because they were jealous of each other, and so the village was divided. The villagers did not liked Raja Kirori, as he was aggressive all the time, didn’t helped people as well. The only thing he wanted is that prosperity. On the other hand, Purushyam’s older son Raja Jishosh was a generous and merciful. He helped people a lot. Villagers with any probelm come to meet him only, nobody goes to Raja Kirori, not even to talk.


One day, there was a dam behind the villagers, the moment, the dam overflowed, a huge amount of water came out of it, forming flood in village. The pressure of water flow was high that it destroyed all the kachha (weak) houses of the villagers. Only some of the villagers whose houses were pakka (Strong) houses were not very much destroyed. The house and the court of Kings were safe, as they were strong and at a high level as compared to villager’s house.

Flodded village

There was a huge disaster all over the village area. Raja Kirori only wanted to save his family and wealth, so he took all the money and treasure and was ready to escape.

Whereas, Raja Joshish was helping everyone, he never discriminated people. He treated everyone equally. So, he rescued everyone with his army people. He arranged a huge hall for villagers. He donated to people by preparing food and sleeping arrangements for people.


After few days, the village was settled like before, and as Raja Kirori knew about the village that, it is no more flooded, he returned to the village. The villagers, voted out to Raja Joshish, as he helped people to become their King.


•MORAL – If we have power and wealth, we should help people rather then escaping during crisis.