Kkrrhh…Krrh..” one of those guys was trying to do something with the machine. 

“No doubt, this machine is complicated. Can we do this?” another one said while holding a cranky old manual. “Hey, why are you ignoring me?” he said, aggressively.


“I am trying to focus, don’t you see!” the other one, just got distracted. 


“Noo..” the man stand up and pushed him. His partner went back. Within seconds, a short fight started. The man who started the fight, pushed his partner harder and harder toward the machine. His partner tries to survive. then it was the turn of events, his partner pressed a small yellow button hidden between some more buttons, but wait, no other button was as powerful as that button. 


There was a flash, in the eyes of the two men. Dr William laying metres away from them also felt the vibrations. He got panicked. But could not do a thing…


Both the men did not what was happening to them, they thought it was an eternity. After half a second, both the men found themselves near the time machine. 


“Hey, we are all okay,” Jim asked, touching and feeling all over his body if he was okay.


“Are we really in the present?” Kenib asked, squeezing both his eyebrows together after he noticed a digital clock on the wall. They were still at the same place, but what about the time? Were they really in the present? or they are in past now?




The clock showed 20 July 2016. But showed the same time.” we’re in past.” said, Kenib. 

“No, I think, the clock is just not working properly,” said Jim

“Stupid, can’t you see, this machine has shown its work.”

“But…”Jim said aggressively. but before he could complete his statement, they heard footsteps. They tried to find a place to hide in a hurry. They hid on the left side of a wooden cupboard, while some people in sophisticated dresses entered the hall. However, they could not see Kenib and Jim. but Kenib and Jim could peek at everything. 


“So, only half work is left, now we only need to do the experiments, got it?” said Mr Limes. Everyone began to laugh weirdly. “What?” he asked. One of those men took out a gun from his pocket, and aimed it at Mr Limes, before Mr Limes reacted, the man shot him. Pab..pab..ka.kaa.. Mr limes fell on the floor. 


Kenib and Jim were shocked, but more shock was to come. It was Dr William who killed Mr Limes.