Everyone clapped when Dr William came onto the stage to receive the ‘Einstein Science Award’. Dr William wore a black suit with his rectangular yellow spectacles. He had the Award and the certificate in his hand. He was leading towards the microphone.  He began his speech,” Today when I have this trophy in my hand, I feel proud of myself. Today, I am making my parents proud. There is hard work and dedication behind this trophy.” Everyone clapped as he finished his speech. He goes back to his seat.


At the midnight, Dr William was giving his interview in front of his house. There was a huge line of media, people and aspiring scientists. 


“How did you invent the d..” asked an interviewer. 

“Sir, Sir..please answer my question.” said another interviewer.

“Sir, Dr William sir..sir”

Soon, there was so much crowd, everyone was surrounding Dr William. The police force and the bodyguards tried to maintain some distance from the crowd to Dr William. The bodyguards took Dr William inside his house.


Dr Willam directly went to his room. He took a hot shower and came out from there. People were still standing outside Dr William’s house, waiting to see him again.  Dr William peeked through his room window, he felt proud of himself. He smiled. 





The next day, early in the morning, Dr William woke up early. He was getting ready wearing up his black coat. When he entered his office, he noticed no one was there. Well, that was unusual. No light was on, not even the projector was on. He stepped inside his office hall, and suddenly two unknown people attacked Dr William. They covered his face with a jute bag. He tried hard to scream, but nobody came for help. 

Dr William opened his eyes. He found himself in his laboratory. His hands and legs were tied hard with rope. He saw the two-man near his gadgets. they were around seven hundred metres away from him.“Hey, Don’t touch anything.” he said in a loud voice.


 The two-man seemed to be ignoring him. They were aggravating his gadgets. Dr William was only hoping that they don’t touch his newly invented time machine. His time machine was like a small box, with many buttons, but not many instructions. It was blue in colour, there was a dial, on one side, it was written ‘Past’ and on the other, it was ‘future’, and in the centre, it was ‘Present’. It was currently set to past. the arrow pointed at 2 years in past. Helpless Dr William rested his head on the ground and tried to think of ways he could escape. One of those men came running towards Dr.William. He grabbed a screwdriver from the shelf, then he noticed that Dr William was awakened. He bent down near Dr William. “Hey, this mad inventor is still awake,” he said loudly to his partner, raising his hands up.


“Do somethin’, don’t let him come near us!” So the guy near Dr William took two pieces of tape and put one on his eyes, and the other on his mouth. Then he hurried to his partner and gave him the required screwdriver. They were about to hit something disastrous!!