A long ago, when Alex and Bella, a cowboy and a cowgirl lost their job, they came to Southewold in search of a job.

 Southewold was peaceful until an awful war had begun. Borin, the king of Hirane was the cause of the war.

After a few days, everybody settled again. Alex and Bella found a job as well. Alex worked as a policeman while Bella worked in a restaurant. Everything was going well.

But then, there was a thundering day, when the king of Hirane, Borin sends a letter to the king of Southewold, Andrew.

The next day, Andrew gathered the townspeople and announced that there will be an awful war soon. He said, “unfortunately there will be Gorish” “maybe we will not be able to win this time.” He spoke with tears in his eyes. After hearing this, the public was frightened. Since Alex and Bella were new, they knew nothing. Seeing people miserable and worried, they asked one of them, “What is going to happen? And who is Gorish? “ everyone started to stare at them. Then a man said,” He is an evil monster, last time he created destruction in our town. Everybody scares from his name only. It is almost impossible to defeat him.” “But I can,” said Alex, but it was believed by none.


Alex hurried to his home, Bella followed him. Alex climbed on his horse and told Bella, to take care of herself until he returns.

It was a night, clouds covering the sky started to fall. Alex was going to the mountains where there was a Fighting teacher, Sir Aldrich. He was an old man with the Great Spirit of fighting. He did not use modern techniques to fight. Half of his hair had gone; he had white hair, with an old white wrinkled skin. He had big eyes that scared everyone. But he had a nice heart. He loved to help everyone.

Alex requested Sir Aldrich humbly to teach him some fighting techniques. Sir Aldrich praised him and happily agreed to teach him. Sir Aldrich welcomed Alex inside his house, He gave him a stick and taught him how to hold and use it. Gradually, Alex’s interest in fighting developed. Within a month, Alex had become an Advanced Beginner.

The very next day, Alex was grateful for Sir Aldrich, He then said farewell to his teacher.

On his way, back to his town, he noticed a new route. The route was among big trees. He decided to go there once, that route was quite dangerous. But Alex was enough strong to pass through that route.

After travelling two miles with his horse, His horse and he were tired and were starving. There were many fruits of different appearances, But Alex cannot digest them, they might be poisonous, The water looked different as well. The water must be poisonous too, thought Alex.

The harsh sun made Alex and his horse tired. After a moment, Alex’s horse fell, Since Alex was also tired, he waited for his horse to wake up, he slept near his horse.

After that, there came the bloodthirsty Golrish. He was slightly green in colour. He had big eyes like a black hole. He was as giant as a big cloud in the sky. He had big sharp teeth, and nails that have never been cut. He had bruises and scratches on his body, those described that He had gone in many fights. He was as strong as the lighting and thundering in the sky, everyone was scared by his name only.